12 Days of Clois

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12 Days of Clois

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12days_of_clois began during the 2006 Christmas season as a LiveJournal Community devoted to posting holiday-themed Clois ficlets/short stories. These days -- due both in part to the wild enthusiasm of the community's maintainer and the popularity of the community in general -- 12days_of_clois has expanded beyond the realm of Christmas. We've branched out to include the following writing challenges: Valentine's Day, Around the World in 12 Days, Summer Celebrations, Clois 100...and our current Christmas Challenge. (Click HERE for more info on how to participate in the current challenge!)


Check out the following journals/communities: clois; cloisfic; dc_appreciation; pyrorogue; romance_fiction; treeshy; daily_planet07; dcu_freeforall; clois_news. Interested in becoming an affiliate? CLICK HERE.

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